Thursday, September 24, 2009

@micro.updates #1

"@micro.updates" are carefully sifted dispatches from my micro-publishing site. Here is one kaleidoscopic set from 082109 to 092109. It includes: Judith Butler's thought-provoking comment; reactions to current news and related articles; tidbits of my personal lived experiences.

- (...) Re: "(O)nce the theatre." Wonder if the prejudices are already a thing of the past or is he happy w/ their current continental shift? 091009
- (...) The article helped me quickly (re)realize that activism driven by empathy is not a choice. Thanks. :) 091009 (3/3)
- (...) It isn't the article per se that is troubling. It's the globality of such atrocities, whether everyday or not, that concerns me. 091009 (2/3)
- (...) That article is so troubling, N! Atrocities in the name of public order, morality, culture - what is *man* thinking? 091009 (1/3)
- Back from the Open House where this years awardees wore tired looks and I gave an embarrassed wave when introduced. 080809
- Afternoon distraction: "Historicizing the Subject of Desire" (in How to do the History of Homosexuality) by David Halperin (...). 080509
- Re: Harvey Milk Day debate. Time and again, the moronic term "lifestyle" gets associated with all sexualities other than straight. Grow up! 090409
- Yes, human rights is a relational notion/practice RT @mallikadutt If we all just practiced human rights at home, we would have a decent world. 090209
- "I repose the Qs & they become complicated. I don't try to reconcile my works w/ each other. They're part of rediscovery" (J.Butler). 082109


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