Sunday, November 16, 2008


My recent web-browsing led me to this (acronyms instead of complete names of institutions have been used here):
Non-discrimination policy
The DT [India], D USA, Inc., and The IIGS affirm diversity of people, talents, and viewpoints.
None of these entities discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, age, physical attributes/disability, health status (including HIV) , sexual orientation, caste, religion, creed, nationality, place of origin, or race.


Everytime I read of a clearly stated non-discrimination policy that includes sexual orientation in any part of the world, I feel elated and hopeful of a more equal and tolerant tomorrow. The Equality Forum recently reported that 94.2% of the 2008 FORTUNE 500 companies have voluntarily included sexual orientation in their employment non-discrimination policies. In fact, this year marks the 5th anniversary of Equality Forum-FORTUNE500 project - a collaboration with Professor L. Thomas, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and I. Ayres, William K. Townsend Professor, Yale Law School. To learn more about this project and view the entire list of Fortune 500 companies that protect their employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation, click here.
Additional resources (click on each): Fair Employment Mark; Human Rights Campaign; PFLAG. Also, to read the Obama-Biden support plan for LGBT Community, visit the original source here or read about it in the HRC Back Story, here.


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"There is a way of discussing sexuality without using labels" (Mika* in an interview with Shana Naomi Krochmal, OUT, 2008-01-28).

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